Olive Green Hotel

Eco Friendly &
Smart Hospitality

Our Philosophy

In the heart of Heraklion city, the Olive Green Hotel is a technologically smart hotel, that embraces sustainability, and implements eco-friendly practices. A role model for citizens and travelers of the world. With its modern infrastructure, it combines high technology with the brilliance of Cretan tradition.

Its philosophy is instilled in its logo, a Minoan seal: A spiral, symbol of birth, continuity, but also of the universal imprint, which is framed by olive leaves.

Its name consists of two words reflecting the hotel's philosophy and style. The olive tree, a symbol of strength, timeless, peace and well-being, depicts Crete, through its purity and wildness. The green symbolizes the ecological, modern profile of the hotel, with international sustainability criteria..


Up to: 2 persons
Room size: 25 m2

Ideal for couples

Up to: 3 persons
Room size: 27 m2

Ideal for couples & families

Up to: 3 persons
Room size: 29-33 m2

Ideal for couples & families

Up to: 4 persons
Room size: 35 m2

Ideal for couples & families

Room type 3 of  6
Room type 4 of  6
Room type 5 of  6
Room type 6 of  6

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Dine & Drink

A la carte Breakfast, Brunch, Comfort Food, All day Meals, Cocktails

626 All Day Lounge & City Garden is where the heart of Heraklion beats.

Discover Heraklion City


150m Archaeological Museum

300m Lions Square

5km Knossos Palace Museum